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• Fun Trivia Quiz Game
• Top 100 High Frequency Words Hangman
• Fun Trivia Test
• State Speed Quiz Game
• Famous Quotes Cryptogram
• Math Terms Scrambled Word Anagrams
• TicTacToe
• Simple Addition Facts Flashcards
• United States Quiz
• Presidents Word Search
Learn What EdCreate Has To Offer:

EdCreate was started to make it easy and affordable for teachers and parents to make fun educational activities for students of any age. There are many different activities you can create, with more being added all the time. Read below for descriptions of each activity, and click on a title to see an example .

Once you create an account, the first thing you will do is create classes. You can create as many classes as you want to keep your activities organized and easy for your students to access. Along with creating a class you will create a class login that your students will use to access the activities made specifically for them. Maintaining multiple classes is great if you teach more than one class, tutor multiple students, or have many different levels you are trying to reach. You can also customize each class login page with your own text and html, so you could turn a class login page into the homepage for your classroom!

Listed below are the activities offered at EdCreate; click on the title to play an example. Remember that you get to create your own content for nearly every educational game and activity!

Play Word Search / Word Find Puzzle Online

Create and save a wordsearch puzzle that your students can play and solve online. The puzzle is fully customizable: You determine the size of the wordfind grid, the possible directions you would like the words to be placed in the word find, and the words you would like to place in the wordsearch. The best part is the puzzle is randomly created every time a student plays!

Create and play your own word search online

Quiz Game

In this 1 or 2 player game students are given questions; if they answer correctly they get to spin the wheel and try to beat their opponent to the top of the ladder. This game allows you to create many different styles of questions including fill in the blank, True/False, and Multiple Choice with 2, 3, or 4 choices. You can also easily convert the questions from a Quiz Game into a Test!

Create a game with your own questions for kids to play online.  Perfect for homeschool.


In this test you can ask the same types of questions as in the Quiz Game, in fact you can convert a Quiz Game into a Test and a Test into a Quiz Game without having to rewrite your questions! You get to set the point value for each question. You also have the option of creating an answer until correct format for the test; in this format students get to keep attempting the answer until they answer correctly, while their score is adjusted appropriately. After the students have taken the test you can log in and see the scores and print out a graded copy of the test for the students.

Create a test that students can take online, it is automatically graded for you.  Great teaching tool for Homeschoolers


This is the classic hangman game! You can enter any and as many words you want. Children love to find that their own name appears in a computer game! To help students distinguish between vowels and consonants the vowels are displayed in red.

Classic Hangman game.

States Quiz

In this activity students are given a question and a U.S. map. They must either look at the map and answer correctly based on what state is highlighted or click on the appropriate state to answer the question. The best part is you get to customize each question!

Biuld a custom quiz that uses a map of the United States.

State Speed

This activity tests your knowledge of the U.S. map. You are given a map and ten states. You must find the state on the map and click on it before time runs out. In each new level the time gets smaller and smaller!

Test your knowledge of the United States in this original State Speed game.

Tic Tac Toe

In this Tic Tac Toe game students can play against a partner or against the computer. This activity is a great way for students to build strategy!

Classic Tic Tac Toe.  One or Two Players.

Anagram Activity

In this anagram activity you are given a list of scrambled words, and you must work to rearrange the letters back into the correct words.

Teachers and Homeschoolers can enter their own words and the computer will automatically scramble the words different every time.

Cryptogram Activity

In this very challenging activity you can add as many quotes, phrases and messages as you can think of and have your students attempt to decipher the encoded message!
Teachers and Homeschoolers can create a cryptogram activity with ease.

Flashcard Activity

In this flashcard activity you enter the questions and answers only once and you have automatically created enough sets for every student who sits down at the computer! No making multiple copies on seperate notecards! While studying these flashcards the student decides whether to place the card in the right pile or the wrong pile. Once they have gone through every card, they have the option of repeating the ones they got right, the ones they got wrong, or every card.

Easy to build flash cards that can be reused over and over.  Build one set of online flashcards and its enough for an entire class!

Word Search / Word Find Puzzle Creator

Use your own words to create a wordsearch / word find puzzle. You can create your own wordsearch puzzle online, there is no extra software to download or install, and when the word search is created you can print it out - all for free!